Track, monitor & react in real-time.

We’re revolutionising how you track and maintain optimal conditions or environment for your products. Tracknact allows you to monitor your products at a glance — whether in your fridge or making their way across the world.

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Aged Care

Make monitoring fridge temperatures in care homes easier with instant alerts and automatic report creation.

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Ensure efficacy in your vaccines and pharmaceuticals by monitoring your fridges in real-time. You'll get a notification when you need to react.

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Fresh Produce

Monitor temperature in real-time and get notified if your produce is out of its ideal range. You can rectify it sooner, with knowledge of exactly where your shipment is.

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Processed Meat

Monitor temperature and measure shelf-life in real-time.

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Food Processing

There's a lot of money in your cool room. Tracknact is a small investment for certainty in food quality and safety.

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You can reduce waste, automate compliance reporting and ensure your Food Safety requirements are met.

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Harness the power of real-time monitoring

Our real-time temperature monitoring works in two ways. We have an in transit tracker and a static tracker.  It means you can monitor temperatures of your products while in transit across the world or in your own fridge, cool room, or facility.

Real-time temperature monitoring reduces waste and risk, allows you to react and make timely decisions, and increases your revenue. It’s an investment for your business.

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How do we stand by you?

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Monitor your goods in real-time

Advanced monitoring with metrics such as temperature, humidity, shock, light and location are delivered in real-time and will shake up how you work.

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Competitive & transparent pricing

We’re confident Tracknact is a cost-effective solution. When you talk to us, you’ll receive a detailed, transparent price so you can move ahead with confidence.

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Reduce wastage & protect revenue

Wastage and risk are two of the biggest exposures for your business. You can reduce these by implementing Tracknact. You’ll receive notifications that allow you to react and pivot in real-time to avoid waste and loss.

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Our platform makes it simple

You no longer have to log into multiple platforms to track your goods. You can track all of your goods in one dashboard. Better yet? It’s simple to set up, simple to understand, and even simpler to use.

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Dedicated support team

When you start using Tracknact to track and monitor your goods, you’ll receive all the support and training you need to make the most of it. 

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Visibility of supply chain performance

Pinpoint exact hiccups or issues in your supply chain with real-time data and insights into the conditions of your containers and products as they travel.

How it works

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Get started by registering for a free demonstration.

We’ll book you into a suitable time where you can speak with a real person and have your questions answered.

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Free Demo

Your free demo allows you to see how you can harness our technology.

We’ll walk you through the product, your real-time dashboard, and your specific use case.

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Start harnessing the power of real-time monitoring.

Access improved processes, better certainty, and increased revenue through data.

The Manbulloo experience

The dashboard for creating and reporting on tracking events is easy to use. Data from multiple trackers in a shipment are presented together and linked to the location in the supply chain. This enables quick  interpretation of the data and decisions about product handling can be made in real time.

Through improving information flow and more effective use of the monitoring data, the platform will enable us to continue to improve product handling through the chain and deliver more consistent quality to our customers.

Scott Ledger - Quality and Export Manager
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The Manbulloo experience

Through improving information flow and more effective use of the monitoring data, the platform will enable us to continue to improve product handling through the chain and deliver more consistent quality to our customers.”

Scott Ledger - Quality and Export Manager
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Tracknact is the brainchild of KeyData, one of the nation's leading data consultancies

Tracknact was created from the realization that agriculture, livestock, healthcare, hospitality and Fast Moving Consumer Groups (FMCG) rely on essential data and temperature monitoring. Our consultants at KeyData realised how much time (and money) was wasted through manual temperature monitoring in these industries.

And so, Tracknact was born.

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Be certain with full visibility.

Real-time monitoring for pharmaceuticals, produce and meat exports. Reduce risk, prevent waste and secure your revenue.