About Tracknact

The technology revolutionising how you monitor shelf-life and control quality when temperature matters.

We utilise technology to provide robust, real-time monitoring

Tracknact is an analytics platform used to monitor tracking devices in real-time. These devices sit in shipments and fridges; with the Tracknact platform alerting teams when temperatures change. From fresh produce and food products to pharmaceuticals, like vaccines.

We're revolutionising how you monitor and control quality across supply chains.

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Thomas McDade

A product by KeyData

Tracknact was created by KeyData, a company that harnesses data and analytics so Australian businesses can grow, improve and innovate. Founded in 2013, KeyData has helped organisations of all sizes realise the benefits of analytics in various industries. 

Thomas McDade, Tracknact's founder leads the development of Tracknact. He's backed by a slew of impressive achievements in the space, including the delivery of several world-first supply chain and automation projects globally.

We're transforming how sensitive products are shipped and monitored globally, to minimise waste and increase bottom lines.

The principles Tracknact was built on

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Changing is never easy however it is crucial to be able to adapt. We develop solutions that help people do so effortlessly to instigate change within organisations without the usual pains or frictions.

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Environmental Preservation

Waste has such a negative impact on the environment and global economy, particularly food waste. We're passionate about making an active contribution to reducing global waste and supply chain ineffiencies.

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Data is our bread and butter. We work with large or small organisations and very sensitive data, so you can be sure that your data is safe with us.

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Advance business through technology

With our capabilities in data, analytics and technology, we have the opportunity to continue advancing businesses and industries. That's exactly what we plan to do.

We're here to put you – and every other supply chain – on the best path for success

Our Values

It’s our mission to explore, find, and create the best possible pathway for your success. These are the values we follow to achieve just that.

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It's a partnership, so transparency is paramount. Transparency in what we share with you and of course, transparency in your supply chain.

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Temperatures and statistic visuals are great. It's how we enable you to take action that makes the difference though.

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Quality is important to us and vital for you. Our solutions are of the highest quality so your product always is too.

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Flexibility & Control

Tracknact puts you in the driver's seat, so you can take full control or adapt our flexible platform to address your specific needs.

Be certain with full visibility.

Real-time monitoring for pharmaceuticals, produce and meat exports. Reduce risk, prevent waste and secure your revenue.