Tracknact for Aged Care Centres

Advanced fridge temperature monitoring & alerts

Monitor your fridge temperatures across your aged care facilities and residences for easy fridge temperature compliance, automated alerts, greater protection for your residents, and more peace of mind for all.

Tracknact is here to support aged care providers across Australia

Tracknact lives in your fridges throughout your aged care facilities and residences. It protects your residents’ well-being while supporting your compliance by providing:

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Greater protection and wellbeing for residents

Tracknact makes it easy for aged care centres to monitor fridge temperatures across all fridges within their facilities and residences, with real-time monitoring and automated alerting.

Tracknact’s monitoring helps you to ensure that your food items and medications are stored under optimal conditions. This helps to prevent the spoilage of medications and food items, further protecting your residents’ health and well-being.

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Peace of mind for residents, loved ones and carers

It’s so easy for a fridge to be left open in an individual residence within an aged care centre. Tracknact gives you the ability to know when this happens, and alert the carer or resident, so that action can be taken, in time to prevent food and medication spoilage, or consumption of products that have been exposed to excessive temperatures.

Knowing that measures are in place to safeguard residents against food and medication spoilage provides residents, loved ones and carers with greater peace of mind.

Further peace of mind also comes with knowing that you take the safety of your residents, and regulatory standard compliance, seriously.

Live monitoring and automated alerts for a fast caregiver response

Tracknact’s fridge monitoring capabilities can ensure that the temperatures of the fridges across your residences and facilities are being monitored continuously, for easier temperature compliance. 

This enables caregivers to know when they need to act and empowers them to do so quickly, to help prevent issues and reduce risk.

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Giving focus back so caregivers can provide quality care

With Tracknact taking care of your compliance with its continuous fridge monitoring, your caregivers can direct their full attention to providing quality care to your residents. With automated alerts and 24/7 smart monitoring, temperature compliance no longer needs the same continual attention.

World-leading trackers that don’t rely on power

Even if there is a power outage or your WiFi goes down, Tracknact will still monitor your temperatures and give you real-time alerts. Our world-leading trackers use both WiFi and cellular connectivity to offer you certainty.

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Know when fridges are left open and temperatures change

Maintaining proper fridge temperatures is critical in aged care living facilities, to ensure the safety and quality of stored medications, vaccines, and perishable food items. With Tracknact’s advanced monitoring capabilities, we provide an integrated solution specifically designed to address fridge temperature compliance in the aged care industry. 

Tracknact provides carers with alerts if a fridge is accidentally left open across your facility. It alerts you to changes in temperature so that you can react before any medications, vaccines, and food items exceed safe temperatures. 

This monitoring and alert system reduces risk in two ways. It reduces the risk of significant waste from a fridge door being unknowingly left open. It also reduces the risk of harm to residents from products that have exceeded their safe temperature controls.

Why use Tracknact in aged care?

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Automated monitoring saves time, money and focus

It takes significant time, focus, and money in staffing hours to continually and manually monitor, check and record the temperatures of fridges across your residence. Tracknact automates this process, giving your care team back time and mental capacity to focus on providing care. It also saves money in helping to prevent products from having to be thrown away due to spoilage.

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React in real-time & take action

With wireless sensors continuously measuring and transmitting temperature data to a centralised dashboard, caregivers and facility managers can take immediate action if there is a temperature problem in a residence.

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Secure return on investment in months

Our customers have told us that manual temperature recording costs over $4,000 a year. Our solution costs far less than that. So, you can secure an undeniable return on your investment in just months. That’s without even considering the cost of having to dispose of products due to the human error of manual monitoring.

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Easy and fast compliance & reporting

Tracknact stores and displays your temperature data while allowing you to download or export it for audit purposes. It means compliance and reporting are made simple.

Automate compliance & risk management

Tracknact offers live, 24/7 monitoring of fridge temperatures for aged care facilities. Be alerted when fridge doors are left open, or temperatures change. Reduce risk and waste, automate compliance, save time and money, free up attentional capacity and provide greater peace of mind.