Tracknact for Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce Temperature Monitoring

Take control over climate conditions for your fresh produce shipments. Maximise saleability and drive quality.

Tracknact is here to eliminate wasted fresh produce

From your facility to the supermarket or your shipment’s endpoint, temperature, shock, and humidity are the biggest factors in the quality of your produce. But what happens when it leaves your facility and you no longer have control over the climate? That’s where Tracknact comes in. Real-time visibility of your shipments eliminates wasted produce and saves you money.

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Control quality with real-time monitoring

Control your supply chain through simple, effective visualisations of data, both in real-time and historically, we empower you to gain control over the quality of your shipments. Get alerts when you need to act and make all the right calls to get your shipment exactly where it should be for its best quality outcomes. 

It means you know exactly where your shipment is at all times and what’s gone wrong — whether it be temperature, shock, or humidity. And then? You can act.

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Gain evidence for accountability & insurance claims

Tracknact doesn’t just give you real-time monitoring and visibility. You can access historical shipment data, with those same climate data points assigned to the relevant locations throughout the journey. It means you can compare quality and the relevant factors from season to season and draw real insights. It also allows you to shift accountability, gain better control over your produce and how it’s transported, and acquire evidence for insurance claims.

Why use Tracknact for your Fresh Produce shipments?

Simple, effective visualisation of data​

You can see all the data you need at a glance. See both real-time conditions and historical data, with no further interpretation required as all your necessary statistics have been summarised.​

Become a go-to produce supplier​

With this streamlined climate monitoring process and real-time alerts, you’ll become a produce supplier known for exceptional quality. This will establish your brand as an industry leader.​

Accountability & Insurance Claims​

A big frustration with produce shipments is when something out of your control goes wrong and you have to front the cost. With Tracknact’s historical data, you can back up insurance claims and hold relevant parties accountable.​

Benchmark technology & supply chain partners​

With access to historical data, you can benchmark technology and hardware as well as your supply chain partners. Use the data to find insights into your supply chain and compare technology. Switching tracking hardware is simple with Tracknact.​

World-leading trackers don’t rely on power​

World-leading trackers that use both cellular and Wi-Fi connections monitor your produce and send you alerts whether in your cool room or in transit — even if you lose power. Tracknact offers you certainty in your produce.

Be certain with full visibility.

Real-time monitoring for pharmaceuticals, produce and meat exports. Reduce risk, prevent waste and secure your revenue.