Tracknact for Meat Products

Beef and Lamb Temperature Monitoring

Reduce temperature profiles in your meat shipments for prolonged shelf-life and maximum saleability. Easily send reports or shelf-life status confirmation to producers and retailers.

Tracknact is here to measure & maximise shelf-life on arrival

Previously, beef and lamb processors have had little to no visibility of their products’ temperatures while in transit. That lack of control has resulted in unnecessary or unproven claims potentially reducing payments due to poor shelf-life outcomes. Tracknact is here to reduce waste meat products. 

Real-time monitoring allows you to reduce the temperature profile of your meat products and increase shelf-life on arrival.

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Real-time monitoring & a smart shelf-life algorithm help you maximise quality.

Tracknact captures the temperature profile of your products across the entirety of your cold chain. From the moment it leaves your facility until it’s unpacked for retail. You’ll receive real-time alerts when the temperature or humidity leaves that ideal range. Meanwhile, the shelf-life algorithm works to calculate your product’s shelf-life.

Using GPS, cellular, and WiFi-informed tracking technology as well as the algorithm, Tracknact allows you to maximise the quality outcome for every shipment you send.

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Unlock visibility & accountability across the supply chain

Whether you’re shipping portioned or shelf-ready products, you can unlock visibility across the entirety of your supply chain. As well as that though, you can unlock accountability. Real-time monitoring, alerts, and the historical data you have access to means each responsible party along the chain can be held accountable, should they cause a change in climate.

Why use Tracknact for your meat products?

Gain visibility and control across the supply chain​

Tracknact allows you to monitor your shipments and understand their climate conditions at a glance. You’ll get alerts when you, or someone along the supply chain, needs to take action.​

Become a supplier known for quality​

Fuel your marketing and become a beef or lamb supplier known for quality products delivered with plenty of shelf-life remaining. Your partnership with Tracknact will be a selling point.​

Introduce accountability in your supply chain​

With real-time monitoring and conditions like temperature, light and humidity available to you, you can see exactly where your product lost shelf-life and take the next necessary steps.​

Make discoveries through data​

Not only will you unlock unmatched visibility, but this stored data also allows you to make more informed decisions as well as discoveries through data. Benchmark technologies and suppliers in your supply chain.​

World-leading trackers don’t rely on power​

You’ll be set up with world-leading trackers that use cellular and WiFi connections. It offers you reassurance in your connectivity and means you can monitor your meat products and receive real-time alerts, even if you lose power.​

Be certain with full visibility.

Real-time monitoring for pharmaceuticals, produce and meat exports. Reduce risk, prevent waste and secure your revenue.